Promotion of the health in the workplace

23 July 2017

Article introducing the European project Fitwork.

Article introducing the European project Fitwork.

Workplace physical demands have widely changed in the last century and fortunately they are still changing. In general, labours with high effort requirements have been partially reduced in developed countries: nowadays, most of the jobs in the European Union (EU) have a low overall energy demand. However, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, (MSDs, painful disorders of muscles, ligaments, joints and other elements that are part of human body’s supporting system) are among the most common occupational diseases in the EU and the most important causes of long-term sickness absences. For this reason, MSDs are a priority in EU’s prevention strategy on occupational health and safety.

In this context, FitWork project aims in developing good practices to support ergonomics, health and safety professionals to implement physical activity programs designed by sport experts, addressed to reduce specific ergonomic risks at the workplace. For meeting this objective, ergonomics and sport professionals will work together for defining good practices in occupational risk prevention through physical activities, including motivational aspects, and best practices on implementing workplace health promotion programs (WHPP) will be identified.

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