FAURECIA Interior Systems visits Instituto de Biomecánica

23 October 2017

Both entities have been collaborating in R&D projects for almost two decades.

Both entities have been collaborating in R&D projects for almost two decades.

On September 27th, IBV director Javier Sánchez showed the main facilities and laboratories of this technological center in the field of automotive to a global delegation of more than 80 managers and R&D+i technical staff of the multinational FAURECIA Interior Systems.

Javier Sánchez presented the main research studies carried out by the IBV in this sector. In this regard, he outlined the progress IBV is making in DIVEO project funded by IVACE to tackle some of the main challenges involved in the introduction of electric and autonomous vehicles.

In particular, Instituto de Biomecánica has updated the requirements and methodologies of evaluation in the vehicle on different topics related to the comfort and state of the driver. As Sánchez explained, ‘we evaluated postural comfort through the virtual modelling of interiors and passengers, performing an evaluation of these environments with the participation of users, based on physiological measures and the analysis of subjective assessment.’


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In addition, he stated further, ‘we can set the degree of climatic comfort from thermal manikins, allowing the characterization of conditioned interiors, evaluating them comparing to the comfort offered to the user and the energy efficiency of the vehicle.’

Thanks to the work carried out in this project, ‘we have developed a methodology related to the analysis of the new instrument panels cognitive load, as a result from all the new information that will provide to the driver, as well as the perceived quality associated.’ Finally, ‘by developing drowsiness detection algorithms at DIVEO, we can monitor the driver's state and predict it before the risk of an accident is imminent.’

Two decades collaborating

IBV and Faurecia Interior Systems have collaborated in different research projects during the last years. This fruitful collaboration includes, among others, the development of new interior elements for the vehicles of the future, as well as projects that try to know the needs of the users to bring the design of the vehicles to the expectations of them.

About Faurecia

Faurecia Interior Systems España, S.A. comes from a company with a long tradition dating back 1810. It is one of the largest automotive equipment supplier worldwide, currently designs and manufactures six major modules. With 300 sites including 30 R&D centres in 35 countries around the world, Faurecia is now a global leader in its three areas of business: automotive seating, interior systems and emissions control technologies.

Faurecia is the world's number one supplier of seat frames and mechanisms, emissions control technologies and vehicle interiors. The Group is also the world's third-largest supplier of complete seat systems.

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