A new running shoe aimed to prevent lesions and improve training management

The Biomechanics Institute works in this European iniciative aimed to improve the running practice

The Biomechanics Institute (IBV) works in the design of a new running shoe integrating a measuring device that will provide control training to runners and prevent injuries during the practice of running.

The running system will consist of a microelectronic measurement system, able to gather and transmit the main biomechanical parameters during running. The information will be wireless transmitted to the mobile phone of the runner while running, where a mobile phone application will inform in real time the runner about the planned activity and performance achieved.

The mobile phone application will have the possibility to integrate additional worthy information provided by other commercial devices currently used by runners as heart rate monitor or GPS positioning provided by the own Smartphone.

The runner will be able to download all the generated running information into a web portal, with a dedicated application for the management of the training info. 

This web portal will allow the generation of personalized training plans from the previous analysis of runner’s biomechanics, the follow up of the training improvements and give recommendations to the runner in order to prevent injuries and improve performance. Moreover, this web will include web 2.0. functionalities, allowing the user to be in contact with other runners worldwide and built and share contents as running routes, footwear info, etc.

The main novelty of this new system compared to current running measuring systems for training is that it will be the first device in the market able to characterize the running technique from biomechanical variables and able to give real-time recommendations to the runner to prevent injuries and improve performance.

RUNSAFER Project is a European initiative funded by the Research for SMEs Call of the VII Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The Biomechanics Institute has recently hosted the kick-off meeting of this project, which also counts with the participation of other Research and Technological Centres like IPMS-Fraunhofer (GE) and EII (EST), as well as SMEs like KELME (SP), BKOOL (SP), DUKOSI (UK) and NUROMEDIA (GE).

80 million runners in Europe

Current total of European runners exceeds 80 million; approximately 36% of 15 to 65 year-old European population.

Running has become one of the most popular sports in the last years. However, practice of running produces related injuries that force the runner to stop and lose the physical form until the lesion recovery or even in some cases, to give up running practice.

Incidence of running injuries is high, since 38% of European runners suffer or have suffered a running injury and between 37 and 56% of runners become injured at least once each year.

The development of RUNSAFER system is aimed to all European runners in general and, in particular, to those suffering running injuries on the last year, which means a potential market of more than 37 million runners.

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