DemoShopInstantShoe project meeting

Othmarsingen (Switzerland), 11th of December 2013.

The main objective of the DemoShopInstantShoe Project ('Demonstration of a cost-effective footwear based on shape memory materials to provide an instant fitting personalization service at the retail shop for enhancing user's comfort') is the development of a customizable and fashionable women footwear upper and an innovative service providing customers with personalization of the shoe fitting at retail shops.

During the project, two main developments are being optimized. On the one hand, a new footwear upper material including a shape memory alloy (Nitinol). On the other hand, an innovative service able to reshape the footwear upper, regarding the client's feet dimensions, providing customers with personalization of the shoe fitting at the retail shop.

This new footwear concept will improve the comfort of women who suffer slight foot pathologies, such as Hallux Valgus, and will prevent their appearance in women who usually use inadequate footwear.

On December 11th 2013, the 6th month project meeting took place at TechnoBoots' facilities in Othmarsingen, Switzerland. During the meeting, the progress of the project was reviewed:

  • Texinov, Nimesis and Calzamedi reviewed the results obtained until now regarding the optimization of the upper material composite with shape memory properties after performing the first thermomechanical tests.
  • IBV presented the progress on the generation of the Measuring System that will be used for gathering the foot dimensions of the clients.
  • Calzamedi explained the current work on the Shaping System optimization, showing the different components and possible configurations of the tool.
  • TechnoBoots analyzed the target market and the most important communication aspects that will be key for the success of this new personalization service.

The DemoShopInstantShoe is a direct follow on from the very successful ShopInstantShoe project, which came to promising conclusions in February 2012. After the end of this new project, which will last 22 months, the personalization service will be available for commercialization.

The consortium is composed of three manufacturer companies (the Spanish Calzamedi, and French Texinov and Nimesis), two retail shops (OrtoTwins in Portugal and TechnoBoots in Switzerland) and a Spanish research centre (IBV).

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